Nanny Piggins!

Interesting and exciting Nanny Piggins is one of my all time favorite book character. She can talk, she is a fabulous nanny and she can be shot out of a cannon, I mean she is the ultimate nanny in the world and is hailed as the world’s fastest flying animal. She is elegant, poised and is a very decent pig but if you try and pick a fight with her then you’re gonna be bitten on your leg. Let me tell you another thing okay, Nanny Piggins can eat! Eat like a pig I tell you! I mean she would win the fastest eater in the world contest. She takes great care of Derrick, Samantha, and Michael. She lets them stay up at night and lets them eat junk food, sweets and lots and lots of cake. They’re her favorite, have I ever told you that Nanny Piggins is an excellent chef? Truly the best in the world. I’m sorry but no one and I mean no one can deny it! And if you dare challenge her into a competition then girl, I’m telling back out, because Nanny Piggins will do anything to win she might even push you off the stairs. But of course Nanny Piggins is a kind hearted pig, but make sure not to push her buttons or you’re gonna get it bad!

A Perfect Day!

My perfect day would be having a picnic in the park in a bright sunny day, with my best friends. We’d be playing games, singing and laughing together. Eating ice cream and and talking about what’s going on in our life. We could go to the beach and go for a swim and build sand castles. We could go to a carnival and go for some rides on the Ferris wheel. We could explore the whole place together. Enjoying each-others company and certainly not having any cat fight! A simple day to have fun with my best mates is what I would describe a perfect day for me, unless I win the lottery or get discovered  by an agent that wants to sign me up for a super hit movie, now that would be a perfect day! But of course I like hanging out with my friends, Brooke, Therese, Evalina, Sara, Caitlin and Jessica.


Ah Camp the highlight of Term Three. If you had no idea about it then let me inform you on what happened in Camp Vertical Horizon. So it was Monday we had gathered in the back of the school I was dropped off by my Dad. I went with Mr Bateson(who we nicknamed Bob Geoffrey!) in his car along with my best-friends Clementine, Brooke and Evalina. We were probably the loudest people who were travelling and played heaps of heaps of games and sang popular songs like Gangnam Style. We stopped in Hawera Park for lunch and Brooke and I went around the place and admired the beautiful gardens. It was truly beautiful. When we arrived at camp we were told to go in our cabins and guess what Therese and I entered the wrong cabin it was quite embarrassing. My cabin mates were Natasha, Therese, Clementine, Caitlin, Jasmine, Jessica, and Charissa. Then we had some afternoon tea and we played around a bit with our friends. We had some yummy dinner and we had vegetables, sausages and mash potatoes. Mr Elms told Natasha that we were having sausages for breakfast which she did not like! After dinner we went to see the glow worms but unlike two years ago the parents were the only ones that were allowed to use a flashlight so everyone was careful not to step in cow poop! It was quite muddy in the forest and when it was time to get down I instantly clung to Simone because I’m totally terrified of heights. We were all tired that night so we brushed our teeth and went to to bed ,though some people kept talking because we planned to play Truth or Dare which annoyed some people who wanted a good sleep, so some of my cabin mates got into a fight, but I had a good sleep at night.


Tuesday came and went. We were given bands that were the same colour of our team. I was in the blue team but I was given a purple sash because we didn’t have enough blue bands. Our first activity was canoeing so we quickly got dressed in our wet suites and water shoes. I was in the second group along with Caitlin and Simone. We had a fun time canoeing though I did not like the freezing water. We had morning tea after canoeing. Then we did orienteering which was quite boring. We had some yummy lunch after that and went straight to the Catwalk. The catwalk was probably the scariest thing I did at camp. It was fun and freaky at the same time. We were told to do tricks but I was too scared to do any. After the catwalk we had some afternoon tea then we had some games with Andrew whom I called Steve! We had some time to ourselves and I played hockey for the first time! It was so fun. Later got called to have some dinner. I had a good sleep that night there weren’t a lot of arguing because everyone was quite tired from the activities.

Wednesday was an awesome day! We had some breakfast and did some game with Andrew. After that we did archery. I thought i was going to  be horrible at it but I actually got it into the sack. We had two turns each. It was one of the best activities I did at camp. After archery we had some lunch. During lunch Mr Elms asked the year eight’s to raise their hands up. He chose some of us to go with him with a maximum of five people. We had no idea what we were going to do and we ended up doing abseiling. It was so fun I wanted to do it again. I nearly chickened out but I was brave and faced my fear. When we got back to camp we started making out rafts for the rafts race. The adults mainly did the work! After we built our rafts we had afternoon tea. Our next activity was Grass Carting. It was fun going down but of-course we had to carry it back up to the hill. That was annoying and tiring! Night time came and we went to the pools. I hanged out with Clementine, Caitlin, Brooke and Evalina. Most of the campers rode the big slide in the pools. It was freaky-ish but it was amazing. When we arrived back at camp we had the camp fire. We sang songs and roasted marshmallows. The years eights had some extra time in the camp fire but Jessica and I decided to go early. We had some supper when we got back and went to bed peacefully.

Thursday was the last day we had the opportunity to do full activities. We had some breakfast and headed straight on to initiatives. It was challenging and fun at the same time.  we had to go strings without touching it. It took us a little long to finish but the Blue Crew did it! We had morning tea after that and went ahead to the flying kiwi. It was so cool to be high up in the air. I did some of my famous dance moves while up in the air and my team mates cheered for me. We were really supportive of each other. It rained a little bit but that didn’t stop our fun. We had rifles after that. I was seriously awful at rifling I hit no target. Major disappointment! Now the activity we’d all been waiting for The Raft Race! Our team was the first team to go and we took a total of about four minutes to finish. We came in second place falling behind the Red team and ahead of the Orange team. After the raft race we had a brake and Natasha and Brooke and I spent some time performing Kapa Haka songs with Ms Gunson. We had some delicious dinner after that and then we had the concert. I teamed up with Simone, Petra, Caitlin, Brooke, Therese and a few others. We performed two songs which were Black Box and Forget You. The Kapa Haka performed in the concert. It was such an amazing night.

Oh Friday the last day at camp. I got up early as always despite the fact that were told to wake up late. We packed our luggages and we kept it on the porch of our cabins. We were told to keep a day bag with us where we packed our lunch with us. Heaps of people including me went to the hall and watched the America’s Cup. Mr Elms announced which team won and surprise surprise the blue crew won. We were screaming with joy , I mean  we actually won. We received a whole block of chocolate as our price. We were so happy! Finally it was time to go we got into our cars and headed to the museum. I was so cool, I think it was a wax museum. Everything looked human like it was unbelievable. we had a little picnic and had our sandwiches and cookies. Then we headed back to school. My dad picked me up and I told him all about camp!

“I was totally terrified”

“I was totally terrified” I told my best friend Jenny. I was awoke by my twelve year old brother Mark in the middle of the night, complaining to me about the brouhaha that was coming from the kitchen downstairs. I instantly jumped out of bed assuming it to be a serious matter. Once I arrived in the kitchen I into the kitchen I flicked the light on and the first thing I saw was my Father munching on what was supposed to be Carole’s birthday cake for the next day. It was safely sitting in the refrigerator until Dad got his hands into it.
“What I’m hungry” he said not making eye contact to Mark and I. He was too busy enjoying the mouth watering chocolate cake . I simply can’t blame him. It looked really yummy.
“Why are you eating Carole’s birthday cake she’s going to be seriously mad at you” I asked angrily.
“Oh relax, Carole’s not going to find out because she’s not going to find out and both of you are not going to tell her. I’ll just buy another one from the store” he answered.
“It’s a good thing she’s not here right now” I commented.
Suddenly we heard footsteps that was heading towards us.
“What’s going on?” Carole asked.
“Oh nothing” the three of us said in unison. We quickly and quietly ran out the door but we forgot to pack the cake, so we had a lot of explaining to do in the morning. Carole chastised Dad for eating her cake and us for keeping it a secret. She gave us all a scornful look and she gave us a pretty big lesson, even Dad!

Hanging with Brooke and Evalina!

Ah Friday, the perfect day for Dairy shopping and hanging with friends. Brooke asked me on Wednesday if I could come over to her house and of course I had yes, after consulting my parents of course! She told me that we would go to the Dairy, and it has been a while since I visited the Dairy, and heaps of people hang around there after school, it’s like the coolest place in the world!

So Friday came, as soon as the bell rung, Brooke, Evalina and I got changed in my house. Brooke was wearing a summer dress for some reason, it was really cold and windy outside, so we were surprised by her fashion choice! We exited my house and headed toward the Dairy. It was windy and a little cold outside but we survived. Once we entered the Dairy we headed up straight to the lolly area. The best are in the whole entire shop. I only bought three packets of lollies despite having tons of coins in my wallet. I gave one of my lolly packets to Brooke since I didn’t like the taste of it. It was minty and sweet but gross at the same time. We headed for the lights and after a few stops, we finally reached Brooke’s house. It wasn’t very far, it was quite close, and we were lucky because there wasn’t much traffic.

We rushed into Brooke’s room.  She shares a room with her younger sister Courtenay.  Brooke and Evalina gave me a tour of the house and Brooke said that the best area in the room is the bathroom in her parents room which is also the master-bedroom. We went out into the backyard and started jumping on the trampoline. Grace Brooke’s youngest sister videoed us singing songs while bouncing on the trampoline in exchange for some lollies. We kind of bribed her! We sang songs from One Direction and even Gangnam Style. We played Crack The Egg which was very new to me. We went back inside the house and Brooke’s  Mum offered us some drinks and a dish called a Mouse Trap. I have to say I learnt a few things while I was in Brooke’s house. Then we decided that it was time to go home. Brooke’s Mum dropped off Evalina first since her house was closer. Then it was my turn. I had a fantastic time at Brooke’s house and I will never forget that Friday!

Goddess Girls: Aphrodite The Diva

Goddess Girl Aphrodite has always been the number one Goddess of Love in Mount Olympus that is! But when she flunks Hero-ology for accidentally starting the Trojan war she is determined to raise her grades up. The Goddess Girl of Love comes up with a marvelous plan to raise her grades and that is to open a matchmaking project that’s called Lonely Hearts Club. But of course her problems just doesn’t end. She goes face to face with an Egyptian Goddess named Isis, after receiving a letter by a mortal in love named Pygmalion. Now Pygmalion have to decide who is the better Goddess Girl of Love! To find out read Goddess Girls: Aphrodite The Diva , written by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams.9764206(2)

Jessica’s Party!

Okay so on Friday Therese, Brooke, Paige, James and Sara were present at Jessica’s party. I quickly got changed and Judy who is Jessica’s Mum picked us up from the school to Jessica’s house. When headed to Jessica’s room for Sara to get changed. Jessica and her little sister share a bedroom together. How cute! Then we entered her living room and chatted for quite a bit. We saw our old classmate James. We ran into the kitchen and we picked up some delicious treats. Therese and I got like three sausage rolls and she kept going back to the kitchen to fetch some more food, like everyone did! Therese, Sara Brooke and I went out into the street and we judged how good the houses were. We mostly rated them at four out of ten. We came back inside and we sang Happy Birthday to Jessica. I think we consumed chocolate cake. It was yummy and someone put one of the candles upside down so Judy couldn’t light the candles. Judy informed us that it was time to go to Ten Pin Bowling so we  hurriedly got into the car and road off.

When we arrived at Ten Pin Bowling everyone suddenly rushed off to go inside. We were surely excited! We toured around the gaming area but we didn’t have money accept for me , I hid my twenty dollars in my purse! Everyone selected their bowling shoes and mine was a size six. All of us were arguing about who was going in everyone’s team but of course we weren’t the one to decide that. We had two groups, Therese, James and me, while the other team had Jessica, Sara, Brooke and Paige. I was the first one to bowl in my group, then it was James then Therese. I didn’t do a very good job at my first go, but hey I haven’t been bowling for ages. The last time I went bowling was last year with the school. I looked around the place and I saw a stranger munching on some delicious chips so I got hungry. I told Therese about my plan on buying food since I had some money with me. We asked Judy if we could buy something but she said it was nearly time to go, but that didn’t stop us there, Therese and I asked the man in the counter if we could buy some drinks or some people but I didn’t have enough money, so I ended up buying everyone some ice cream instead. It was delicious, it was probably one of the best part of the day. Everyone was like ” Thanks Mary you’re the best” and ” Thanks Mary you’re awesome”. I started out with twenty dollars then I was left with only six dollars, but I don’t regret it. We had a blast but I didn’t come first for bowling it was either Sara or James who won , but oh well it didn’t really matter in the end.

After Ten pin Bowling the gang and I headed of to the school disco. We were so excited when we entered Grace Hall. It was packed with people. Therese and I ran up the road while being chased by Brooke! We came back inside and we had a good dance. People were busting their moves while all I did was jump up and down with my fist high up in the air! Brooke and I kept looking for Cameron. Later that evening we played Simon Says. I was very quick to get out. After that we had some food, we ate some yummy dishes prepared by who knows who. Mum picked me up by seven at night. She asked me heaps of questions like ” How did the party go?” “Was it fun” “What did you eat?”. All I really wanted to do in the end of the day was take a nap. I was really tired yet I still had a cheerful smile on my face. That’s probably what happens when you have too much sugar at night!

He was the worst driver ever!

He was the worst driver ever. Mr McDowell was his name. Mr McDowell called my best friend Maurice fat which made Maurice upset and when Maurice is upset he releases a huge big fart. That’s why everyone is so nice to him. But Mr McDowell had the most terrible fart in the whole world, the one that makes you go in comatose for sixty-five years. We didn’t want to stay in the bus because it smelt like a dead rat, but the doors automatically closed so we got trapped in the bus with the worst bus driver in the world. Mr McDowell told us some stories about his life before he became a bus driver. He told us that he was an old post man from Texas, he told us about the time when he joined the circus but he quite because whenever the animals so him they would start to attack him, personally I wouldn’t blame them! Mr McDowell suddenly fell asleep and his hand came of the steering wheel. The bus went left to right, we crashed into a car, a cake shop and we passed the railway lines and fell into a lake. We were miraculously safe and the police and the ambulance came to check on us. Oddly the first thing I did was stand up and look for the bus driver, but he wasn’t there. But then I heard somebody yell out ” See you suckers!’. Why it was Mr McDowell he was swimming away from the cops. The policemen charged after him and after three days later they finally got him. It took them that long? Well everybody was fine in the end and we were all glad Mr McDowell got arrested because he was a really horrible person. But at least I have something to write about at school. What a day!


That was a day I will never forget. On Friday we were hit with two earthquakes during school time. My friends and I were happily doing our artwork ,oblivious of what was to happen. The desk we were working on started shaking, the people in my area thought that someone was just moving it and I think some people blamed it on Natasha, but then we realized it wasn’t Natasha it was the ground. The second earthquake happened and we hurriedly got under the table. We were clutching the table above us so it wouldn’t move. I heard somebody ask ” Where’s Cameron?”. Cameron ran and hid under one of the computer tables. Simone and Monique were safe under another table. The earthquake stopped and everyone was ordered to settle in to the mat. We discussed about what happened and how we should have been more mature because apparently some people screamed, and you know it’s horrible to scream during an earthquake because you might start to panic and other people around you might also start to go crazy. Our teacher said it was a perfect experience for us and a good example of what we should do if there will be another earthquake in the future. Personally I was frightened and it was a really gruesome experience and I’m sure it was the same to everybody else too. I hope there won’t be any upcoming earthquakes in New Zealand but you never know Mother Nature is full of surprises!

Term 3!

Welcome everyone! How was the holidays? Isn’t it great to come back to school? I bet a whole lot of you were grumbling about going to school and wanted to stay at home and have fun! Well too bad. It’s time to get your brain into gear. I had a quite holiday, well not really with all the earthquakes and all that. I was frightened when it happened and I bet heaps of you were. I didn’t really do much besides watch T.V and stay up late at night and watch sappy movies! The holidays was fun but I’m now back at school and I’m loving it. What did you do over the holidays? Did you do anything special?